How to Get that Glow

Yeah, yeah. In order to have gorgeous, lit-from-within kind of skin, we all know we need to exercise, eat right, use sunscreen and don’t smoke. But what cosmetics do you really need to achieve that glowing complexion? Read on for a how-to guide.
1) Exfoliating Cleanser
Getting rid of dead skin cells is such an essential part of glowy skin that it’s #1 on this list. Find one that has small to medium-sized granules so you can really feel them working, but it’s not too harsh. Your skin shouldn’t be irritated after using an exfoliating cleanser.
2) Toner
Priming your skin for moisturizer is an often overlooked step in the skin perfecting routine. But it’s so worth it! Find the right one to just splash on with your fingertips to open pores, even out skin tone and texture and get your skin ready to absorb all that goodness you’re about to put on.
3) Moisturizer
If you invest in a good quality moisturizer, you don’t need to use gobs and gobs. Just about a quarter-sized dollop should be enough to cover your whole face, leaving it fresh, clean and dewy. Naturally, use one with SPF in the morning and anti-aging or acne-fighting ingredients at night.
4) Bronzer/Illuminizer
Before you apply make-up, swipe on a bronzer if it’s winter and you’re feeling a bit pasty or an illuminizer to brighten and highlight your skin. But definitely don’t overdo it with either of these products. Designed to accentuate, not act as make-up, a little bit goes a long way.
5) Blush
Nothing makes you look more awake and revived like some color on your cheeks! Find one that matches your exact skin tone when you blush or exercise vigorously. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and spread slightly outward so you don’t appear clown-like with two little circles on your cheeks. Bonus points for creamy products that can be used on your lips too.

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