How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

It’s easy to grow your hair long but getting lush, flowing locks can be a real challenge. By the time your hair reaches shoulder length, you are carrying around more than a year’s worth of damage. So, that’s every dye job, blowout, and flat ironing and all the damage that they have caused on display.

The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure couldn’t be more true in this case. If you want long hair, you need to take care of your hair every day. The only thing that is going to mend split end is cutting them off so rely on preventing them rather than searching for a way to fix them.

Find the Right Tools

The best thing that you can do is not heat style your hair. Experiment with updos and ways of adding body or curl without heat. If you do love styling your hair with tools, take a few precautions. The most important thing is to use an appropriate heat setting. Different hair requires a different level of heat so those heating tools that only have one setting are not what you’re looking for. Check the actual temperature on each tool and ensure that it works for your hair. You don’t need to buy the priciest version but the cheapest ones tend to take longer and cause more damage. Go for something that allows you to choose your temp.

Use Protection Every Time

Heat styling protections aren’t just a gimmick. They are important and can make a big difference in the amount of damaged caused by heat styling. Invest in a good protection spray and use it every time.
Protecting your hair isn’t just limited to keep it away from heat. There are many other culprits of hair damage. If you spend a lot of time in sun, a good SPF. Look into conditioners or sprays that will protect your hair. Not only will it prevent damage but it will make your color last much longer.

Work From the Inside Out

To get good hair, you need to have good nutrition. You probably already know how important a healthy diet and it may be the key to your hair woes if nothing else seems to be helping. Protein and iron are especially important to hair growth. Pay attention to how much of both that you are getting and consider a supplement if you are having a hard time filling your daily quota.

Stop Avoiding the Stylist

It is important to still get your hair cut from time to time while you are growing it out. You don’t need to cut it just for the sake of cutting it but you should get split ends trimmed off. Be clear with your stylist and make a plan. Your stylists can be invaluable in giving recommendations about special conditioning or protein treatments that can make a major difference in your hair.

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