How to Grow Out Your Hair the Right Way

Long hair can be fantastic. It’s versatile and you have a ton of hairstyles at your disposable. There can be a big difference though between long hair and lush hair though. Growing out broken, frizzy ends will hardly give you the versatility and style that you are going for. If you plan to grow your hair long, you need to take care of it from the beginning.

Start from the Inside Out

Your diet can make a dramatic effect on your hair. There are plenty of reasons to eat a healthy diet and your hair is one of them. Focus on getting enough protein and iron to create lush hair. And if you need some more inspirational to wake up early for a workout, think of your future hair! Exercise improves your oxygen circulation and helps to stimulate cell production, both of which lead to healthy hair growth.

Don’t Hide from Your Stylist

It may be hard to sit down in the chair and watch your hard-earned hair fall down around you but you still need to get into the stylist from time to time! Split ends are only going to continuing splitting further up your hair shaft. The only way to fix them is to cut them off. The good news is that this rarely requires more than a pinkie width snip so don’t feel like it’s setting your progress back. If you are getting frustrated with your ‘in between’ style, ask your salon for some suggestions. There is no need to wait for gorgeous hair. There are amazing styles for every length.

Protect What You Have

You probably already know how damaging heat is for your hair so really make an effort to avoid it. You don’t always have to wear a ponytail when you’re hair isn’t blown out or curler. Experiment with new styles or other heat-free ways to get body. For occasions when you really want to bust out the hair dryer or flat iron, use protection! Heat protecting sprays and creams make a major difference.

Pay Attention to Your Hair

If you have dry hair, try to spread out the time between washings. Use dry shampoo to clear away oily roots and give your hair some time to produce its own oils. Washing every other day works great for most people but, of course, if you have oily hair, you may need daily washings. If your hair has been processed or is showing signs of heat damage, use deep conditioning treatments weekly.

Be Patient

Your hair is only going to grow so fast. There are a few things that you can do to improve the health of your hair but nothing is going to actually change the rate at which it grows. Don’t waste your time and money on products promising hyper fast hair growth. Most people will find that their hair grows about half of an inch each month. The only thing that you can do is avoid breakage at the ends that can lead to losing length.

If you have tried a different styles and simply hate your current cut, check out extension. There is a huge price range so don’t assume that they are unaffordable. Check for deals online or in your local beauty supply shop.

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