How to: Handle a Long Distance Relationship

Alexa Johnson

Long distance relationships seem to be all the rage these days, and not on purpose. With growing technology, people traveling and living for their careers, it’s quite possible you will end up in a long distance relationship at least once in your life.

College is a popular place to enter a long distance relationship. Why, with so many students coming from and going off to so many different places, how can you be sure your new boyfriend or girlfriend is heading to the same location as you are after graduation?

The truth is, long distance relationships… suck. When you’re in love, all you want to do is be near that person! The distance keeps you away from each other and makes it difficult when you do want to. Here are some tips to keep in mind when managing a LDR.

There’s Got To Be Trust – You must be able to trust your partner if you’re not able to truly see what they are doing ever! It’s unfortunate that you’re unable to really know what’s going on, or what your partner’s doing when they say they’re going out.

But if you trust them and know they’re always completely honest with you, don’t panic. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t freak out for any reason. No need to create unnecessary drama when you can’t physically kiss and make up!

Have Patience – Sometimes the most convenient time to chat for you, isn’t for him. Sometimes you are most flexible during the evenings, and she is during the mornings. Learn the art of patience. It’s silly to freak out because it takes your lover over two hours to text you back. We all get busy; we all get caught up in things. Do something fun while you are waiting if it’s that difficult. And remember that LDR’s require patience so if you best gain some!

Keep Things Lively and Fresh – Send a sweet care package, send snail mail, even a cute emogi over texting. When you can’t see each other to ‘spice things up,’ you have to get creative!

Be able to Make Sacrifices – You’re going to have to drive a long ways or book a plane ticket to see him. So what? This is what you’ve signed up for! If the love is worth it, don’t have any regrets. Make the sacrifices (as long as they’re making some for you too) and know that one day soon, you’ll be together again

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