How to Handle it When Your Friends Break Up

You’ve managed to gather together the greatest group of friends at school. The guys and girls are all close. In fact, your bestie and a good friend started a relationship last semester. Well, things have changed and they are going through a nasty break-up. Your girlfriend wants you on her side and your guy friend doesn’t think anything should be different when everyone gets together. How do you handle it when your friends break up?
• Try very, very hard not to take sides
Yes, this is toughie. He may have been a little too flirty with that girl at the party last weekend or she may be texting with her ex-boyfriend every day and not telling him about it, but no matter what you do, this is one rule you should try very hard to follow. You know gossip spreads like wildfire in your group of friends, so take the high road and be a good friend.
• Be a good friend
What does being a good friend mean in this situation? It means listening and not making judgments and in general, being there for both your friends. Is this a difficult balance? Yes, but it’s worth it in the end if you value the friendships you have with both of them. It’s probably inevitable that you’re closer to one or the other, but striking the right chord of sympathy and understanding will help both of them.
• Do things with just him and her
Do you and your GF have a Sunday morning brunch ritual? Do you and your guy friend have a standing study date in the library? Don’t lose these connections to your friends. Try and carry on as if nothing has happened, because when it comes to you and your relationships with these two people, nothing really has.

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