How to Hide that Hickey

We all love a good makeout session. But sometimes some innocent making out can turn into some serous kissing. And let’s be honest, sometimes real serious kissing can lead to a hickey or two. While getting the hickey is fun, hiding the hickey is never a good time. Having a hickey makes you feel like you are 15 again and about to get in trouble for breaking curfew. And seeing as turtlenecks aren’t appropriate for summertime, you are going to need some stellar beauty advice on how to hide that hickey. First, you need to remember that a hickey is a bruise. Those black, blue and even red spots are damaged blood cells from suction. So you need to treat this little guy as a bruise and give it some TLC. Who knew that making out could be so dangerous?

The key to covering a hickey is starting with a good concealer palette. You will need something with yellow and green in it to cover the deep red in the hickey. Find the heaviest concealer that you can (hello stage makeup) and apply it to the hickey with your finger, making sure the blend the edges as much as possible. Next, take a makeup wedge and press powder over the concealer to set it. If you have shimmery powder on hand, apply that over the matte powder. The shimmer with add some life back into your skin. Just make sure to put a little of the shimmery powder over the rest of your neck so that it blends in better. This should keep you covered (no pun intended) for the next 4-6 hours. You may also want to throw a scarf in your bag just in case. And ladies… next time make sure to be the one giving, not getting, the hickey!

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