How to Keep Your Color for Longer

It’s sad to watch an amazing hair color fade away. While fading may be inevitable, there are a few things that you can do extend the life of your color. Hair color isn’t cheap but a little prevention can go a long way so do everything that you can to make your new shade last as long as possible.

Get the Right Products

You should always look for the products that best suit your hair’s needs. If you have colored hair, find shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. There are products unique to redheads, brunettes, and blondes and they really do make a difference. Even if they are a couple of dollars more, it can save you money but stretching out your time between salon visits.

Be on the lookout for products that may damage your hair. Once your hair is processed, it requires a little extra TLC, so take good care of it! Avoid any products that list alcohol as one of the top ingredients. It’s going to dry out your hair and cause your color to fade faster.

Go for a Dry Cleaning

Dry shampoo is also a godsend after a great dye job. If you lightened your hair, it can go along way in helping to keep your hair hydrated. The longer you go between washing, the longer your hair has to build up its own natural oils and the longer your color will stay. Find a spray or powder that works well for your hair type then stick with. Colored varieties of dry shampoo can also help to conceal roots so take advantage of its double duties.

Glaze Over It

Glazes are fantastic for colored hair. Find an at-home glaze treatment then go over your hair to lock in the shine and make the color last longer. There are also special types that will deposit color so you can give your shade a short-term boost. This is particularly great for blondes who find their color getting a bit brassy after a couple weeks.

Protect It

The sun can do a serious number on your hair. Not only will it dry your locks out but it will also cause the color to fade. There are a lot of products out there with added SPF but if you are planning for a long day out in the sun, look for more serious protection. Get a spray-in hair SPF and apply it to damp hair. They will also help prevent painful scalp burns so keep some on hand when the weather heats up.

Keep the Green Away

Swimming pools are notoriously damaging to hair. If you are spending a lot of time in the pool, bring some baby oil along. After a dip, add a couple drops of baby oil to your hair and comb it through before you hit the shower.

If you have blonde hair and find yourself with an unfortunate green tint after swimming, add a bit of tomato juice. The red counteracts the green and you just need a quick rinse with it to see the effects. Just pour a glass over your hair then wash it out. It’s an easy, damage-free way, to get your icey blonde shade back!

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