How to Know if You Are Using the Best Brush for Your Hair Type

I have a confession and I am not proud of it. I still use the same blue plastic hairbrush that I bought at a drugstore more than 12 years ago. Some may call it gross, I call it commitment. I love this brush. I have tried out other versions, but this one just works so well with my hair. I even went to replace it a few years ago and found out that they don’t make those type of brushes anymore. Recently my sister brush-shamed me and forced me to get rid of my favorite blue brush. When I went to pick out a new one I was totally overwhelmed. Who knew that there were so many brushes out there? So I decided to do some research and find out which brush is right for each hair type. One average, you should own 2-3 brushes, depending on your hair type and how you style it. Ok, let’s get started,

Paddle Brush: this brush is great for detangling long hair, giving you’re a smooth blowout, and adding volume to the crown of your head.

Bristled Round Brush: This is your go-to brush for adding waves, bounce, and shine when you blow dry your hair. Wrap sections of hair around the barrel and blow heat directly on it for great volume.

Ceramic or Metal Round Brush: These brushes are great for two main reasons. First they have vents that allow air to dry your hair from every angle. Second, the barrel is made of metal. When the metal heats up from your hairdryer it actually acts as a curling iron during your blowout.

Detangling Brush or Comb: This is good for people with long hair and also those of you that like to brush their hair in the shower. Detangling brushes and combs will get the tangles out without sacrificing clumps of your hair.

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