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Samah Juana is currently a Customer Service Representative at a successful mortgage company. She holds B.S. in Management and minor in marketing from the University of New Haven. In her free time I enjoy writing, singing and going to church.


I would say almost every year of college I experienced roommate drama. I struggled to fit in with my roommates the first year. The second year, I lived off campus with people I did not really know or like. The second year, I had a roommate who thought she owned the room. The last year, I switched roommates, but lived with sophomores when I was a senior. Overall, living with others was not my strong suite. I would give myself an F+ in that area of college.

Living with others provided the opportunity to challenge myself as a person. My interpersonal skills developed and I did learn to have patience. In addition, I understood that my actions also affected others. Living with others I realized that having a roommate is not for me. Furthermore, l learned that I am not always a good roommate. I was messy and could be uptight. I had some good, but also bad experiences with my roommates. Here are some tips I wish someone would have given me before I headed off to college.  In this article, I will provide tips in knowing when to change roommates.

  1. You have spoken to the Resident Assistant, but things continue to get worse. I would not suggest going to a RA unless you feel like you need a third party and also trust the Resident Assistant. I remember the first week of school telling the Resident Assistant I needed to change rooms and my request was denied because school had just started. I knew very early on that my roommates and I would not get along. I trusted my intuition but my RA did not.


  1. You have spoken to your roommates and provide suggestions on how to improve the environment. However, changes either are not implemented or last for a brief period of time.


  1. Your roommate gossips about you behind your back and when you try to confront the person about the issue they refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem.



  1. You feel uncomfortable around your roommates and make a lot of effort not to be around. I use to spend hours in the library just to avoid interactions with my roommates.


  1. You feel depressed when you do not have any choice, but to interact with your roommate.


Unfortunately, changing roommates is not that easy. Many residential life offices on campus have policies in terms of changing roommates. Some the policies restrict when you can move and where, and the reasons why you want to move.  Freshman year you can’t really pick your roommates, but if you’re not able to move start looking for roommates for next year. Try clubs and friends that you have met during the year. Also look into single dorm rooms.  Apply for jobs where you can get your own room such as a Resident Assistant or President of the school. Having roommates can be a great opportunity to build long last friendships. However, if you find yourself not liking your roommates consider switching. College dormitories are so expensive that it is imperative to live with people that you like. I hope this article has helps and have a great year.

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