How to Look Better Going Out, In Your Body

By Amanda Reese

Are you wearing the best thing possible to compliment your body type? After all everything does not look good on everyone. We are in a society that promotes stick figure models at every turn, but no one is really shaped like that. Accept your shape and own it! These tricks will help you look good no matter what the occasion.

Curvy Body —If you have curves. Show them off! Find really polished pieces that enhance your hourglass figure. Want to make yourself look slimmer and trimmer? Try formfitting outfits that nip at the waist but free fall over your hips. Stay away from A-line pieces they will make you look like a trapezoid.

Color blocking is also your friend. Your focus is always at the waist so make sure your color changes here. You can even belt or sport anything that gathers at the waist. Avoid the obnoxious prints and stick to bold colors. Earthy dark colors work best.

Full Figured Body—Try draping clothes, find knits and jersey fabrics that are easily malleable. This will allow you to highlight parts of the body you want and hide the others you may not.

Tailored looks will be your best friend. Your clothes should fit sleekly, not boxy or loosely like tunics. They will make you look like you have added pounds and no one wants to ever look like they have gained weight!

For a night out stick to solid colors especially jewel tones.

For the Boyish Body—You have to create your curves. Choose pieces that have define and structured curves tailored already in the piece. Always focus on your waist with your slender physique. Define the waist with drop waist tops and clinching dresses. Mix fabrics. This will trick the eye and make it harder to define the silhouette.

Add some feminine touches by wearing dresses and tops that have pleats, lace and beading. Peplum tops are perfect! Play up prints that have floral and stripes. These keep the eye busy on the clothes itself and not your shape.

For the Petite Body—For this dainty shape, focus on solids during the day. Always look chic and sleek. Loud patterns can drown out your shape. Don’t be afraid to mix solids and add little details here and there with accessories.

Shy away from a lot of layers, but do wear posh, rich fabrics like lace, velvet, chiffon and silk. These fabrics will add fullness in the right spots for you if you apply them right.

Don’t forget your three inches heels or higher!

Remember, no matter what you body type is, own it and show it off! With enough confidence you can pull off anything you want to. Wear what is comfortable and flattering for you and you will look great no matter what!

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