How to Look More Awake

All-nighters and late nights out with friends are just a fact of life in college. We’re allowed to be a little irresponsible and go out late on weeknight just because we can. And sometimes we’re forced to stay up late because of professors who think their class is the only class you’re taking that semester. But this doesn’t mean we have to look as tired as well feel in class the next day!
Highlighted eyes is something I always did because it was just so easy—you dab a little white eyeliner or powder near the corner of your eyes and you seriously look 100% more awake. What works best is using a white eyeliner pencil to line the inner rims, then blend it into the inner and outer corners. You can add black liner and mascara like usual and still look more awake, thanks to this simple tip!
If you just can’t put in the effort of lining and blending, you could skip the eye makeup altogether (though a little mascara never hurts) and just go for bold lips. A bold lip color seems hard to pull off, and hard to apply, to so many of us and it automatically makes you look more confident, so even if you skip all other makeup the lipstick alone can make you look more awake and put together. If you look like you’re all lips without other makeup, though, then just add a little under eye concealer and mascara to help your eyes pop.
This next tip is something I use a lot, and has gotten to the point where if I don’t do it then I don’t feel human: pump up your lashes. Big bold lashes really help to open up your eyes. If you really do look like you need to get back into bed, then take the extra step and use an eyelash curler that morning, then apply a coat or even two of a volumizing mascara. A product that volumizes, lengthens, and curls would be even better. Pump them up!
A little shimmer helps too—on the eyes, the cheeks, either one wakes up your face. Don’t go overboard though, you are going to class and not out for drinks or a date. A little bit of shimmery eyeliner, shadow, on the cheekbones goes a long way to help you look more awake.
Whichever tricks you use, don’t use them all at the same time. Just choose one and don’t go overboard. And make sure you get some beauty sleep when you can!

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