How to Look your Best in Photographs

We live in a selfie world now, don’t we? Whether you are the photo or it’s your girlfriend, amateur photos are all over social media sites now. Time for a quick primer on looking our best in photographs. There are a few insider tricks that once you have mastered, you will never take another bad photograph again!
• Lighting
Just before sunset is the best time of day to take photographs outside. That dusky, golden light is flattering on everyone. You’ll have to experiment if you’re taking pictures inside. Sometimes, a flash washes people out, sometimes it’s essential. No matter what, getting the lighting right is first is crucial for a good picture of you!
• Find out how you look best in pictures, but don’t do it all the time
Have you found that your “picture” smile looks false? Or the way you habitually tilt your head looks unnatural? Practice in the mirror how you look your best. Yes, it’s a little silly, but the results will pay off with gorgeous, future selfies. However, don’t strike the same “pose” every single time. Find a few that work for you and rotate them.
• Don’t be too stilted or posed
The days of formal portraits are long gone. Learn to smile naturally and don’t square your body to the camera. Rotate your hips and shoulders so they’re not at an exact straight line with the camera lens. Twisting your torso, with one shoulder pointed at the camera will make you appear thinner.
• Editing
We all have access to editing tools and filters now. They can enhance a photo like nothing else. One editing tool is not used enough though, and that’s cropping. It’s amazing what cropping out that vast dining room table or football field or unattractive neon signs in the background can do. Crop your photos so the focus is on you and the other people in the picture.

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