How to Maintain Your Friendships and your GPA

Getting top marks in college is tough. You will spend hours in class and even more hours after class catching up on your reading and homework. But all work and no play can make a college student go a bit crazy! Finding new friends and maintaining previous relationships is very important for your well being. But how can you manage to do both when time is so limited?

The best way to have friends and keep your grades up is by hanging out with people that are in the same situation. Study groups and classmates are a great way to bond with people over your common interests and mutual struggles. The best part is, if you can study with your friends you’re accomplishing your socializing and schoolwork all at once!

You may need to start avoiding people who are not students and may not understand your priorities. It can be very easy to fall to temptation when you’re keeping company with people who want to do movie marathons all weekend long or spend every evening shopping. To be a good student and to have friends basically means you will need to stick with having college friends…at least for now.

Take advantage of social media to keep in touch with your old high school chums whom you might have left behind to study out-of-town. Emailing, Facebook, online videos and Twitter are handy options to keep those long-distance relationships alive. Sure, it’s not as much fun as being there in person, but social media will allow you to share your life with your friends, find out what they’re up to and chat as often as you like. You’ll hardly notice there is any distance between you at all! One word of caution is to limit your time spent on social media. While it can be quick and convenient, it can also be a real time waster. The best strategy is to allocate a time in the day, say your lunch hour or half an hour before bedtime to do your online catching up.

Devote one night a week to nothing but fun. You can’t study all the time and expect to enjoy your college experience. A big part of college life is having fun off campus. Many students want to go out to bars but that isn’t the only way to have fun. Look into sports or volunteer opportunities off campus. This will be a way to meet new people and have fun, but also to use your time constructively. After all, college students have very little time to waste!

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