How to Make College Friends

If you were lucky enough to not move while you were growing up, you’ve probably forgotten how to make friends. Through elementary school to high school you’ve managed to be somewhat part of the same group since childhood. Being dropped in the middle of college means for the first time in a long time, you don’t know a soul within a 50 mile radius or even further. You will have to learn the valuable skill of how to make friends all over again. This is a great skill to relearn because when you start work you’ll have to make friends, and after college you might move to a new city to pursue your job goals.
Go to Orientation
Go to all orientation events. Everyone around you is in the same friendless boat and orientation is when friendships are formed.
Talk to People
During orientation look around and find someone who you might thing would be good friend material for you. Be bold and walk over to that person and ask simple questions. Where are you from is pretty standard. You’ll be surprised at how most people are relieved that someone took the initiative and alleviated them of being alone. You don’t have to be clever in your line of questioning, just genuinely interested in listening. People are flattered when given attention and when you let them do the talking, they have a positive impression of you. It’s that easy.
Get to Know Your Classmates
You’ll be sitting in the same room with these people for the next few months, so take the time to sit next to someone who looks like potential friend material and chat them up. Also try to pick someone who looks as if they would make a good study buddy or group assignment team member to get a two for one bonus.
Join a Group
Whether it is a sorority, photo club, jogging club, a sport, or even showing up at the campus gym, get out of your dorm room and be present on campus.
Go to parties
Hopefully by the time you attend your first party, you will have at least one female buddy to go with. Talk to that one buddy and agree that the goal for the evening is to make friends. It’s easier to approach a group when you are two. It’s also easier to escape from someone who you find uninteresting. Don’t waste your time with someone that you don’t connect with. Just make the excuse that you have to find your buddy, get a drink, or go to the bathroom to make your escape.

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