How to Make Neon Colors Work For You

By Amanda Reese

There is no denying the impact neon colors have on fashion this year. They are magnificent. They add spice to the plainest of clothes instantly. While neon colors can be intimidating, do not be scared. Everyone should embrace neon colors and have fun with them. Just for starters pick up small pieces first like rings and bracelets. Then, gradually began to collect articles of clothing. If you want to try out neon colors in your next outing here are a few steps you should follow:

1. Consider the event. Think about the even and if wearing neon colors would be appropriate. If you are going to an interview or a funeral, you probably should not wear neon colors. Always use discretion. Neon colors are all about having fun and partying.
2. Pick a color. Remember, neon colors are bright so don’t go throw them on all on at once before you are comfortable. Work with color that compliments your eyes or hair. What ever is usually your favorite go-to color to wear, that neon version of the color will work just as well on you.
3. Choose your shade. Even neon colors have shades you can choose from. Just because it may look like a bright, exciting color, it may not look like that great of a hue on you.
4. Be selective. It is not a wise idea to wear an entire outfit on neon colors. It would be much safer to wear some regular solid colors along with the neon colors. When pairing your neon pieces with every day outfits be strategic. If you outfit is cool coloring like with blues and greens you should wear them with pinks and blues. If your outfit is toward warm coloring like with tints or red or orange wear neon yellows warmer greens and oranges. Black or white always looks well paired with neon colors. Also, try not to wear neon colors to often. It may come off as if you are looking for attention.
5. Don’t forget your accessories. Buy complimenting colors for your outfits. Play with colors you may not have bought as clothes and watch how well they go with your outfit. Match your neon yellow bracelet to your neon yellow skirt. You can really wear any other color neon with you skirt as long as it is the same hue.
6. Be confident. Whatever you decide to wear feel good in it. Make sure you look good to yourself and that should be all you need. Don’t push it. If you feel that something may be off then it probably is. Don’t be afraid to try again. Know your fashion limits.

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