Starting online dating

I think most of us single ladies find a way to be basically ok in our singleness, but every now and then (at least if you’re like me), you have a minor freak out, and you’re like, omg, I’m single and it’s freaky, what can I do to fix this situation RIGHT NOW???? I know, I CAN JOIN A DATING SITE!

And if you’re like me, you go through this cycle 5-6 times before you realize it doesn’t work that well either. But in the process, you get some rough edges sloughed off. I want to suggest a few tricks that can help you enjoy your online dating experience even if you don’t exactly end up meeting your soul mate.

1) Go read a LOT of profiles. I mean a LOT of them. First of all, they get funny. Second of all, after a while, you’ll start picking out patterns. You’ll see what’s done and what’s not, and you’ll automatically know who’s weird and who isn’t. Use this to separate your own profile. Don’t write stuff you wouldn’t want to read. And don’t post pics you wouldn’t want to see.

2) If you find someone SO RIDICULOUS it makes your brain explode, MESSAGE HIM! The experience will give you stories you can use to entertain your friends, and when someone asks you, “What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on,” you can say, “It wasn’t a date, but I met this guy online once….”

3) If you can tell it’s not going to work out, say something you’ve always wanted to say. There’s a fine line between burning bridges and being funny or brutally honest, but those are really good opportunities to take risks. “Just so you know, the mustache is not working for you.” “I don’t take people who watch GoT seriously.” “When I grow up, I want to run a ferret farm. What’s your dream?” You never know what kind of response you’ll get, and saying outrageous things will help you learn how people respond to them. This is ALWAYS a good thing to know.

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