How to Make the Most of Your Snow Day

Long ago and far away, snow days meant playing outside until the snot froze under your nose, the only cure for which was a piping mug of hot chocolate and a nap. Turns out, snow days in college aren’t all that different. They’re much rarer, certainly—most students live on campus, so icy roads are a pretty poor excuse for missing class—but when they happen, they’re as frolicsome and silly as ever. Here are some ideas for how to make the very best of your day:
• Be a kid: Pull on your rain boots and gloves, grab some friends, and head out onto the campus green (or your school’s equivalent of a big outdoor playing space). Start a snowball fight, built a college-themed snowman, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, find a field to go sledding (cafeteria trays are perfect substitutes for sleds in a pinch).
• Bring out the camera: Snow makes for a beautiful photo spree backdrop, and college campuses are an especially gorgeous setting. Find some particularly lovely icicles, pose in front of your favorite tree, go on a scavenger hunt for the best snow people—it’s a great chance to feel artsy on your day off.
• Get some homework done: I know, this one’s a bit of a mood-killer, but a day off from class is a pretty ideal time to catch up on your work. The upside to doing homework on a snow day is that you can really enjoy it with friends; find some homework buddies, make snacks, put on a background movie, and pull out the books for a toasty warm day of studying and fun.
• Bake: If there’s a place on campus where you can use an oven, snowy days are the best when it comes to making cookies. It’s a great way to bond with friends, and professors love being bribed by homemade treats.
• Sleep: You may not have cookies or homework to show for your snow day efforts, but there’s something particularly wonderful about snuggling up under your covers when it’s icy cold outside.
• Movie or TV show marathon: Make a whole lot of food (popcorn and hot chocolate are pretty necessary) and round up your closest friends for a solid day of staring at a TV screen.

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