Exercising in college

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Between classes, homework, jobs, relationships, and social lives, many students find themselves with zero time – or motivation for – the gym. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have an active life as well. Here are a few ways to squeeze a little gym time into your busy schedule.
Read Your Textbook
You know those professors who assign chapter readings at the end of every class? I have three of those this semester, and I’m really trying to be that star student who comes to class prepared and well read. So, for about the first week of classes, I found myself skipping the gym to stay home and read. Then it dawned on me: Why aren’t I just taking my book to the gym?!
Each chapter is about 25-50 pages, and it usually takes me an hour – sometimes longer, depending on how interested I am – to read each one. Boom. That’s an hour of power walking on the treadmill or on the stationary bike! Also, since I’m basically forced to read, I’m not tempted to go have a snack or shut my eyes for a few minutes if I get bored.
Watch a Show
A lot of gyms have TVs built into the cardio machines. If your gym is like that, time your workout so that you can watch your favorite show while you run. That way you won’t miss the latest drama. If there’s nothing on TV you’re really interested in, bring along your tablet or smartphone and stream a show or movie from the internet. Your workout will go so much faster if you’re distracted! Furthermore, if there’s a show you’ve been meaning to check out, but it’s already a few episodes into the season, you can use your time at the gym to catch up!
One of my favorite things to do at the gym is watch Netflix. There’s always something interesting to watch, and it often helps me forget about the fact that I’m sweating up a storm. If you decide to do this, though, don’t get so caught up in the show that you forget to pull yourself away after about an hour, you don’t want to exhaust yourself.
Literally Make the Time
If your schedule is packed so much that you absolutely can’t squeeze the gym in anywhere, wakeup earlier. That doesn’t mean get up at six a.m. and be there as soon as it opens, but try getting up an hour earlier a few times a week and going to the gym and then getting ready for class or work. Even if it’s only for a half hour, any workout is better than no workout!
It’s often difficult to fit time to go to the gym into a busy schedule, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop a workout routine altogether! Try out these ideas for making time for the gym – even if it’s only three or four times a week – and see how easy it is once you get the hang of it!

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