How to Make Yourself Workout

Motivating yourself to go to the gym or to workout is so difficult sometimes. You know in the back of your head that you’ll feel way better after you get your butt moving, but it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed or off the couch. Or even to find time to go! But it’s a necessity, and will provide you with a wealth of benefits, from better sleep to a better body image.
A big motivator is laying out your workout clothes the night before, but an even bigger one is connecting showering with workouts. Like, don’t shower until you work out. If you work out in the morning and are used to nighttime showers, skip the night shower and you’ll feel so icky and greasy that you’ll want to shower in the morning—but you can’t, not until you workout! You’re going to get all sweaty and gross anyway, so why shower before? I’m not ashamed to say I have gone to class without showering just so I’d go to the gym after class (this was on days when I had a 3 hour break in the middle of the day, so I wasn’t going all day without showering).
Find a workout buddy! If you have someone else depending on you, you’re more likely to show up to the workout no matter what the time, and you’ll be more likely to push yourself and complete the workout since you’ll both obviously discuss how it went afterward. This works really well with runners, cyclists, or triathletes because you can sign up for races together and then do your training together. It’ll keep you both on task and motivated!
Sign up for a class. Classes are expensive for college students, but the cost is well worth it if you need a push to get yourself to workout. You’re putting hard-earned money on the line, and wasting it if you don’t show up to class. Through the class you can also make friends with like-minded people and once the class is over, you could turn them into your workout buddy!
Find a reward. Big or small, after one session or after you reach a goal, reward yourself with something. It could be food (but don’t go overboard—you don’t want to counteract all the hard work you’re putting in!) or something else like workout clothes or a new accessory. Whatever it takes to get you to the gym!

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