Mastering the basics

Clothing can be lumped into one of two categories: basics and trends. No closet is truly complete without both, as the classics carry us through multiple seasons without having to buy new clothes, while the trendy clothing helps to update our basic look and change things up every season. While the basics are called basic, they sometimes aren’t that easy to wear! They can look boring on their own. But if you choose the right fits and pieces, you can turn a basic outfit into so much more.
Red pants used to be a trendy item but have since become classic. They add a jolt of color to any basic outfit and yet are so versatile that they are a basic themselves. Red pants or jeans work with so many different colors but are especially great with denim. Try wearing a pair of red skinny jeans with a striped navy and blue top with a jean jacket for a nautical look, or red ankle skimmers with a well-fitting black blazer and pointed flats. Both of these outfits are composed of just basics, but with the red pants they all end up looking so fresh and new!
White button-down shirts aren’t just for work anymore, they are such a classic piece that can help you to transition from day to night. Un-tuck it during class and wear over jean shorts, then throw on a great jacket before you go out (and add a flashy necklace!) to dress up the look. Throw one on with red pants, tuck it in, add a cute belt and some flats, and you have a seriously cute, professional-looking outfit for class or an interview! Again, notice how all of the pieces are just classic items—it’s the way they are put together that takes the look from basic and boring to something else!
Denim tops are coming back in style thanks to the chambray shirt, and have since become a basic wardrobe staple. Turn them into a trendy piece by wearing one with jeans, but in a different wash than the shirt, for a head-to-toe denim look composed of basics that looks anything but boring. Or if wearing jeans and a chambray shirt is too much of a risk for you, wear one with jeans shorts and some cute gladiator sandals. You could also just throw it on over another shirt (or dress) and leave it open—turn it into a jacket, basically.
Whatever you do, make sure that the basics you have or are buying are of a good quality. As basics, they are meant to be worn multiple times a week in different combinations with trendier pieces. The best should last you years, so don’t skimp on the basics! You’ll have them forever, but there are always ways to keep them looking fresh.

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