How to Meet Friends on Campus

Going away to college can be daunting for many and even terrifying for some. Throughout your high-school life you develop so many comfortable friendships and likely haven’t had to start the process over for a long time. Going to college alone can be intimidating and for those who are not naturally outgoing, it can be a real challenge to develop a network of friendships all over again. Consider these foolproof pointers to put yourself out there and build a group of new college friends.

Choose you classes wisely

Most first-year courses take place in large lecture halls with little to no interaction between students. Talk to your school administrator to see if there are any exceptions to this norm. Literature classes, art classes and humanities often teach by using group work so they can be a great way to meet your fellow students. Higher-level classes are often smaller so if you are able to get into one in your first year you might have a better chance of meeting friends. The students in those classes will likely be older and may be able to help you find your way around the college too.

Go for extra curricular credit

Colleges have ample opportunities to join sports teams, clubs and volunteer groups. Even if you are less inclined to join groups, this is an easy way to grow your social circle and also pick up a few new skills or assets for your resume along the way. Find something that you already love to do and your enthusiasm will be a natural draw to others.

Make eye contact

It seems simple but an opportunity to meet people can be as easy as just looking around. If you constantly have your nose buried in a book or a smartphone, you could miss other people around you who want to talk to you. Few people will want to interrupt someone who looks busy, so if you’re enjoying a meal or a coffee, try just looking around and enjoying the scenery. Even if you’re not good as small talk, this will give someone who is the chance to strike up a conversation.

Having friends is an important part of enjoying your college life. Most other students who don’t know anyone on campus will be as nervous and feel as out of place as you do on the first week. Keep a positive attitude and keep yourself available. You will be rolling with a new crew before you know it!

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