How to Mix Patterns for Effortless Chic

You probably have a ton of each in your wardrobe – those cute preppy, plaid shorts, that floral mini-skirt, your favorite striped top. But you struggle to find pieces to go with them, right? Struggle no more. We’re revealing the secret to mixing colors and patterns for easy glamour. Bonus points for giving an extra shot of versatility to your wardrobe.
• Don’t veer too far away from the same color
Here’s where a monochromatic look is your friend. With the different patterns and textures, your outfit won’t read as one color. Keep to similar shades as well.
• One element should NOT feature a pattern
Blouse, skirt, tights, shoes…that’s overkill. Top off your ensemble with a beautiful solid color jacket or throw on a cozy cardigan to offset the busy-ness – instant chic.
• Stick to one animal print at a time
Mixing patterns such as stripes is one thing, but mixing more than one animal print is actually a no-no. These patterns are so bold, tone it down before your look goes from glamorous to garish.
• Avoid over-matching
You know how a room looks super precious and overdone when everything from the curtains to the carpet to the pillows match? The same goes for your mixed pattern outfits. Don’t pair the striped top with the striped pants. Throw in a subtle checked pattern for some sophistication.
• Don’t overlook texture
A super chunky cable-knit sweater is actually both a texture and a pattern. Pair that with a glamorous, crinkly maxi skirt and you’ve got a runway ready outfit. But the same rules apply to mixing textures as well – don’t over match or you’ll look like you’re wearing a costume.
• Accessories count
Don’t overlook that floral scarf and those leopard print ballet flats. When worn with an outfit that’s relatively neutral, those pieces will pop and lend an air of glamour to an otherwise common outfit.

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