How to Motivate Yourself When You Want to Drop Out

It’s a question that almost every college student asks him or herself at some point in their college career: do I really want to finish this degree? Degree doubts are all too common and can hit a student at any point of their college life. Factors like stress, fatigue, and indecision can make you wonder if you should keep working towards your degree or just drop out. The truth is, if you’ve made it this far, you should do everything possible to achieve your degree. Here are a few points to keep in mind when your motivation to pursue your degree starts to lag.

You will never regret having a degree

Even if it seems at times pointless, years on into your career you will never wish you had less education. The reverse is in fact true: you will always appreciate the credentials you’ve earned and if anything, will wish you had more. So let’s say you’re halfway through a sociology degree and realize you will never work in the sociology field. You may find yourself in a completely different line of work after college but you will still be able to stand out from other job candidates with your knowledge.

You won’t get any time or money back

If you drop out now, you will have wasted all the months and years and probably thousands of dollars to get you this far. You won’t get any of that back by dropping out and no one cares if you have some college courses without a completed degree. There is almost nothing to gain by stopping halfway through a degree. You are better off to invest a little more time and money to see it through to completion than to waste what you have already invested.

You feel stressed and fatigued because degrees are supposed to be difficult

If it didn’t take a lot out of a person to earn a degree then everyone would have one. That’s what makes graduates special. They are able to show to the world that they can read, learn and demonstrate a vast amount of material. They know how to manage their timelines, difficult situations and pass up on fun in order to complete a task. A degree would be completely worthless if it was easy to get. The stress you are feeling now is a key part of the learning process. You are certainly not alone either. When the degree work becomes overwhelming, remember that there are plenty of other students in the same situation. Why not reach out to them and try to work through the rough patches together?

Remember this is only a temporary set back

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. If you drop out the moment you start to have doubts about your direction or your ability to complete the degree, you will never know that it was really just a temporary situation. Stay the course now and before you know it, your motivation will be back on track. Just keep focusing on the end goal: your degree. Once you have it, you have it for life. And it will continue to bring you a sense of satisfaction every single day.

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