How to Network to Land That Job

You know you want to go into the beauty industry. You’ve even narrowed down your interest to one specific job. Maybe you’ve already finished your education and you’re looking for a job. The best salons are going to be attractive to a lot of workers, so you’ve got competition to land the job of your dreams. Here’s how to stand out from the crowd.
The moment you know you want to get into the beauty industry, start looking for an internship. Understanding the inner workings of a salon will be invaluable to you once you start looking for a job. It will make it clear to the potential employer that training you will be shorter and easier than with someone who has never worked in a salon before.
Also the salon where you intern might like you so much that they offer you job right when you graduate from school. If not, make sure that you can ask the hiring manager to be a reference for you in the future.
Build Your Portfolio
As you are interning and as you are doing your schooling, start taking pictures of any work that you have done on a client. Don’t forget to use yourself as a model. Any makeup, hair, or nail experimentation that ended up looking good should be photographed. Building a portfolio will be crucial for you. When you are looking for a job, you can show the hiring manager what you are capable of right there on paper.
Your portfolio shouldn’t just be something you carry around for job interviews. You should create a pinterest account. How-to’s on YouTube can be very popular. A beauty blog also gives you the opportunity to show off your skills. If your digital media accounts take off, it could be that hiring managers come to you instead of you going to them. That would be the ultimate situation.
Face-to-Face Networking
Despite all the digital media opportunities out there, they will never replace face-to-face networking. That is because the hiring process is not based just off of your skill set but also on your personality and who you are as a person. Hiring managers want to get to know you a bit before they hire you, but the digital media space does not give them that opportunity. There are associations in your area for all disciplines of the beauty industry. Make sure you join the appropriate one. Make sure you go not only when you are looking for a job, as that is bad form. Sign up and attend meetings the moment you know that you want to enter this career path. When you are not yet actively looking for a job, you are the most relaxed and easy to talk to.

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