How to Not Fail College!

Hi my name is Lindsey Michelle and I am currently a senior at the University of West Georgia. My major is Mass Communications with a minor in creative writing. My college experience will be coming to an end in about nine weeks. By then I will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and a bunch of crazy stories to go with it!
First things first, don’t freak out! Have fun because you are in college now and many others do not get this opportunity. You have been given this chance to shine and do something for you so take advantage of that right now. When you sign up for classes or are given a new task trust that you’ll do it right and you’ll do it right!
Second, be yourself! You want to be paid to be no one but you so it’s time to shed that self-conscious high schooler skin and be you! Will you make yourself doubtful? Yes. Will you irritate some people? Yes! But that’s what needs to be done so you can be successful. Your portfolio should be a representation of you and no one else.
Third, get mad! That’s right, get mad. When you see something that is up with your grades or your graduation process talk to your advisor. Be persistent and never let anyone push you aside! If something is wrong with your grades or you’re not sure what your graduation status is then tell you advisor. And if you’re advisor won’t listen then go to the dean of your college. This is your future and if something is up you need to know about it!
Fourthly, be your biggest fan! This is very important so don’t roll your eyes or skip over this part. In college, you will have a lot of people criticizing your work and telling you what needs improvement. And that’s okay, they are there to instruct you. You will hear everything from “Who do you think you are?” to “You will be suspended if you do this again!” It’s overwhelming and it’s scary but THEY ARE RIGHT. However, those are mistakes you made but they do not define you. If you’re internship doesn’t hire you , it’s okay. If you don’t have enough money to pay for the class you need in order to improve, it’s okay. If you feel like no one will ever like your stuff, that’s not okay. You are not your mistakes! If you did something wrong fix it. If things don’t work out just tell yourself, “This is okay, another opportunity will come. This is not over.” Because it isn’t over. So don’t ruin your chances of great things by letting anyone make you feel like you aren’t good enough! Because you are good enough!
One more thing, will you get all these steps right before you step foot on college campus or go back to that early 8am lab tomorrow? Of course not, these things take time and years to accomplish. It won’t happen overnight and anyone who says it does is lying! Great things take time. Good things take time. So when things look really bad just say, “Things are not looking good. It couldn’t get worse. But it’ll get better!”
Thank you for your time,
Lindsey Michelle
[email protected]

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