How to Not Waste Money on Groceries

When you move out of the dorms to live off campus, your freedoms become slightly more than what you had living on campus. In some cases, you probably finally have a shower that is your own and a fridge that you can stock with your favorite groceries. However, sometimes the grocery store is where college students find themselves spending a large chunk of their money that they would rather spend elsewhere (read – the bars).
Start off by making a list. Never go into a grocery store armed without a list. You will find yourself picking up items that you didn’t know you needed and end up spending way more than you had intended.
This is also a crucial step to not wasting money at the grocery store or on groceries. Set a manageable budget for yourself that you stick to. Make it a competition with yourself to see if you can get everything on your list for a substantial price lower than what is on your budget.
Try to go to the grocery store once a week to get the fresh produce that you need but only do so after you plan out the meals that you are going to make. If you know it is a busy week where you will probably be grabbing your meals on the run, don’t waste money buying fresh produce that will most likely go bad before you get the chance to eat it.
Also, don’t be afraid to buy the off-brand versions of the food that you are buying. They are usually made up of the exact same products as the regular brands just without the fancy packaging and advertising to go with it.
College students are strapped for money as it is and you shouldn’t worry about wasting your money in the grocery store. Create a solid meal plan and stick to a budget to ensure your dollars are spent wisely.

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