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Hey Guys! My name is Elle Lohman, and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am currently a senior at the University of Dayton. I am majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations, and Marketing minor. I am also very involved with my sorority Alpha Phi, where I hold the position of Director of Formal Recruitment. I love writing and I always have! I like to express myself through writing and if my pieces help others, then I am doing my job right! After graduation in the spring, I hope to work for big companies like the NFL and NHL. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy my writing and keep looking forward to more!




After finally making the decision of where you are attending school, the next biggest decision you will have to make is, with whom do I want to live with? Your roommate is supposed to be your first friend on campus right? Someone who will be just as nervous as you are about classes and upperclassmen, and someone you can experience your first year at college with. Ultimately, you want your roommate to become your best friend not only for the next four years, but also for life.

When finding a roommate I highly suggest joining your school’s class Facebook group. Using the Facebook group will help you find the other incoming freshman in your class, and it is a good way to start conversations with your new potential classmates! Here you can also find other girls/boys searching for roommates and expressing interest in you through direct messages! Direct messaging on social media is a great way to ask potential roomies their interests and hobbies to get to know them a little bit better. Although this may feel a little like online dating, you have to ask these questions in order to find if you are compatible with certain people and are able to live with them.

Another way you can get in touch with students is through websites such as RoomSurf. RoomSurf is designed specifically for new freshman and sets you up with other students who share similar interests with you. This is where I found my roommate from freshman year and we are still living together today!

Once it is time to pack your bags and move your life to college, reality starts to set in that you will be on your own and have to make new friends. The first piece of advice I give to freshman on move in day is that they take the time to get to know their roommate and bond with them right away so you know that you both will always have each other’s backs. You will have to attend numerous floor meetings and be forced to do endless icebreakers, but with your roommate by your side, I promise you everything will be a breeze.

Remember, this is going to be the person that you spend one of the most memorable years of your life with, so you want to make sure that this person is a keeper! You want someone who will help you build memories, not destroy them. Let’s not forget that you and your roommate will be in close quarters with each other for close to nine months, so you do not want things to be awkward and tiresome right? The more time you spend with your roommate, the better the outcome will be for you both. My freshman year was one of the best years of my life and I can thank my roommate for most of it. Remember, when looking for the perfect roommate, you want someone who will be your best friend not for the four years you are at school but for the rest of your life.



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