How to plan schedule

Lauren is a Senior at Cedar Crest College majoring in both Writing and Integrated Art with a concentration in Illustration. Throughout her time at school, she has been on the executive board of five different clubs and has been published in the schools’ literary journal, Pitch.

College can be a murky swamp of things that you want to do and things you have to do. You might want to go to that sorority mixer but you have to get your homework done instead. College is like a balance beam, if you don’t save enough time for academics then you can end up falling down. The same can be said for not having enough time for fun though. Balancing school is an act that you might not perfect until well until your last year in school but luckily, it’s also a skill that many people have advice on.
Planning out your schedule is an essential and easy first step in managing your time for the semester. It may seem overboard but make sure to plan everything out to the fifteen or ten minute increments. This allows you to schedule in time to move between classes, having at least ten minutes to get to your next class will save you from having to run across campus in less than five minutes to get to your next class. This is an important step to take care of before you sign up for your classes for a semester. There’s nothing worse than discovering during the registration rush that your classes clash with each other and you have to suddenly find three different classes that fill your requirements.
Along with classes, there are a few other important things to make sure you work into your schedule. If you have a job then you want to make sure that you mark your work hours down somewhere inside your schedule. This saves you from an embarrassing moment when you forget when you work or schedule a study meet up when you’re supposed to go to work. This leads to the next thing that is important to include in your schedule, times when you can study. By setting aside time that you specifically designate to studying, you can guarantee that you’ll have the time you need to study for the classes that you’re taking so that you don’t have to constantly cram over your lunch.
Mealtimes are another important category to include when planning your schedule. No matter how busy you are, it is important to eat. Not eating can be the start of a slippery slope leading to an unhealthy lifestyle so by deciding from the start when you are going to eat, you can avoid slipping down that slope at all. Another thing to schedule for your own health is some time that you can designate as you time. This can be time that you can spend doing anything, be it going on a walk or watching some television. It’s just time set aside for some self care so that you can have a break from your otherwise busy day.
The final things to work into your schedule are the fun things. The club meetings, the events you want to attend, the volunteering you want to do, all of the great opportunities for fun that come with going to college. You aren’t in college forever and you want to make sure that you get to enjoy it so make sure to create room for those fun things that you want to do. Sometimes you just need to have some fun to make it through the day so if you’re going to have a particularly busy week, try to squeeze some fun in there as well.
Now that you know how to schedule, you might be wondering the best place to create a schedule. This is the age of the virtual world and it being such, there are plenty of options online that you can use. Your college might even offer an online calendar through the email program so you’ll want to look into that before deciding on another program. The ever trusty planner is always another option. If you can find some way to carry your newly created calendar with you, whether it be on your phone or in a notebook then you should, that way you can check it whenever you need to without running back to your dorm or signing into the nearest computer lab. No matter how you decide to create one, the important thing is to just make one.

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