How to get through nursing school

Are you excited for nursing school? Nervous? If you haven’t even applied yet, you have a long way to go! You can start by checking online at the websites for the schools to which you would like to apply and making a list of important to-do’s and deadlines. Three critical processes are: making sure you have the mandatory prerequisites, applying to the right program, and getting the right materials together for class.

Make Sure You Have All Your Prerequisites

Some nursing programs require a specific list of prerequisites. There’s no reason to freak out, though – most of these you probably earned without trying just by completing high school. You will probably need two years of science (there may be two specific sciences you need, and biology is likely one of them), two years of math, and some combination of humanities/language credits. If you didn’t complete high school or took your GED, you will need to get in touch with an academic advisor where you want to attend school to find out what you can do to obtain the prerequisites. Some high schools allow you to get college credit for some courses – if you took such classes, you’ll need to make sure all transcripts and test scores are sent to your future college, and then you’ll
have to fill out a transfer credit application.

Applying to the Program
In some cases, the application process is twofold: first you have to be accepted into the school, and then you can submit an application to the nursing program. Applying to the school entails what you’d expect – filling out an application, either online or in person; submitting required documents like high school transcripts, test scores, and recommendations; and speaking with an academic advisor about any additional steps. Check the website early on so you know about deadlines – some schools have multiple deadlines for different phases of the process. Once you are informed of your acceptance you’ll have to complete prerequisites within the general college before applying to the nursing program. Once you have completed your general education requirements for your associate’s degree, you can apply to the nursing program. This might require you to take a test online and then submit proof of your successful completion. You’ll also most likely have to submit immunization records and get updated if your shots are out of date. This is especially important if you want to be a nurse, since you’ll be in an environment with a lot of sick people where you could easily catch something if you don’t take proper precautions.

Preparing Materials for Class

Once you’re accepted, whether you go straight into the nursing program or start in the general college, you’ll have to do some things to prepare for class. First off, you’ll have to buy books. If your college has a student bookstore, you can usually find out what you need from an employee there. You can also email your teachers for a book list.


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