How to Properly Pack and Store your Clothes

Don’t you feel like you’re endlessly packing up a dorm room or shared apartment? Another end of the semester will be here before you know it. Instead of stuffing your carefully curated and super cute wardrobe into big suitcases or plastic bins at the last minute, learn to pack faster, smarter, and more efficiently.
You will probably encounter several different packing scenarios throughout your college career. Scan through this list to find yours and read the helpful tips.
1) You’re in a rush – Is the dorm closing in five minutes and you’ve done nothing more than placed your laptop in its sleeve? Yikes. The key strategy here is to get focused quickly.

a. Don’t bother with taking clothes off their hangers. Tape the hangers together and place it all in one large garbage bag or suitcase.
b. Stuff socks and underwear anywhere you can to fill up space (and add extra padding). Don’t forget about boxes of books, electronics, even in your shoes themselves.

2) You don’t have enough space — Cramped quarters in your GF’s car? Headed to the airport? Then you, my friend, need to pack a lot of stuff into a little space.

a. Roll your clothes and stack neatly in your suitcase. You’ll be amazed at how little space they take up.
b. Wear your heaviest clothing on the flight. Yes, it might be a little warm or uncomfortable to wear a jacket and your winter coat, but hey, it’s only for a little while and think about how great it will be to have these items with you.

3) You are pre-packing and sending things ahead – This scenario will allow you to put all that you learned in the previous two scenarios to good use.

a. Organize your clothes by season. Meticulously fold and place in plastic bags or bins the clothes you won’t need for a while.
b. Place shoes at the bottom of the box or bin. Then fill in with anything that won’t wrinkle: rolled up jeans, socks and underwear.

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