How to Pull Off a Pale Lip

Pale, pastel lip colors are in right now but they’re somehow more frightening than the dark lips that were in last fall (every fall…). But don’t be scared! With these tips, you can pull off a pale lip yourself without too much effort.
Start with picking out a pastel lipstick that goes well with your skin tone. Fair women with warm undertones look great in saturated colors especially in the red, orange, or yellow family. Fair women with cool undertones should stick with pastel blues, greens, and purples. Women with medium toned skin should stray from neutrals and choose medium-bright shades. For those with olive skin, just pick a color that looks good with yellow (your skin is yellow-tinted)—peach or rose would look great on you! For dark-skinned women, you should stick to warmer pastels like light purples and pinks, or even a coral or orange!
First, you need to moisturize. Exfoliate, moisturize, get those lips smooth! Bumps and flakes show up with lipstick over top, and even more so with a pale lip or other ‘strange’ color. Wait for the moisturizer to soak in before you start applying the lip color.
Next, you’ll have to start working concealer into your lip routine. Dab a little over your lips to neutralize your lip color, that way the color of the lipstick will match the tube.
Lip liner is super important too with pale lips. If you’re lucky enough to have a lip liner that perfectly matches the lipstick, then use it to outline your lips and fill in the rest with lipstick. If not, then you can use a lip brush plus the lipstick to line your lips. Stay within your lip line and don’t go outside your lips! We don’t often use lip liner (or even lipstick—so much work sometimes!) so though these reminders seem common sense, it’s easy to forget. Trace from your cupid’s bow on your top lip and draw to the sides; also start from the center of your bottom lip and then again draw out to the sides.
After your lips are lined, carefully fill in the rest of your lips with the lip brush and lipstick. Don’t directly apply the lipstick to your lips because it is such a strong color—you don’t want to accidentally go outside the line you so carefully drew. If you do go over, then use a cotton swap to get rid of the excess lipstick. Don’t just wipe it all off or you’ll have to start the process again!
Don’t neglect the rest of your face when doing a pale lip—pastel lipstick works well with pastel eye makeup. Keep it fresh and light, don’t go too heavy on the eyes. Be sure to add some extra mascara, though, so your face isn’t too pale with the pastel lip-eye combo.

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