How to Store your Beauty Products in your Dorm Room

Shelves overflowing? Every surface cluttered? Have you moved on to storing things on the floor? Us girls can really collect some beauty products, right? But for your sanity (and your roommates!), you need to get organized. If your hair and make-up area in your dorm room is clean and streamlined, your beauty routine will benefit.
Read on for tips to get those products under control so you can get out of your dorm room looking fresh and fab.
• Over-the-door shoe organizer – These super functional pieces feature the perfect size pockets for all those bottles, jars, tall brushes, tubes and make up compacts. Plus, they don’t take up much needed floor space. Hang a wall mirror near the organizer and you don’t have to go far to get ready.

• Removable hooks – Think of your clunkiest, most unwieldy beauty product tools: hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, large round hair brushes. Now imagine they are all perfectly arranged on the wall in one neat row. Pretty great! Invest in a handful of plastic, removable hooks and get these big, clunky tools out of the way.

• Under bed storage boxes – You probably only need a few of these hard-working containers to corral all your beauty products. When you’re done beautifying yourself in the morning, neatly tuck it all away under your bed. Something to consider? The accessibility of the storage boxes. Try out a rolling version and you’ll be out the door in no time.

• Magnetic storage containers – For the smallest and most likely to lose beauty products such as hair elastics, bobby pins, and little tins of lip gloss. Attach these to any magnetic surface for a super convenient storage solution. A row of four or five of these little cuties attached to the metal mirror frame where you do your hair creates a salon-like storage system to get you prepped and beautiful in no time.

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