How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

So you and your sweetie decided to go to separate colleges? Maybe you had very good reasons, such as a scholarship or being close to extended family. But the fact remains you and your guy don’t see each other every day, or even every weekend! How do you keep a relationship alive if you are separated by long distance?
• Have great communication – You’ll never last if you blow off skype sessions or don’t promptly return texts. The distance can make the way you communicate with each other even better than couples in real life if you are attentive and thoughtful. You don’t have the luxury of studying silently in the same library room with him, so don’t act like you do. Send daily texts, little gifts, love notes. Don’t spend all your time talking about family problems or gossiping about your group or friends. Enjoy communicating with each other!

• Plan for the end – Not the end of your relationship, the end of being in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships can work – there’s plenty of examples of successful ones – but only for a time. How long that time will be is something you have to work out with your boyfriend. Is it after graduation? Do you move to the city where he’s going to graduate school? Maybe you both return to your mutual hometowns. Whatever the plan, pick a date and work towards it.

• See each other – Planning mini vacations and romantic getaways is super fun. You may notice that your friends who are not in long distance relationships don’t share the same level of excitement about seeing their boyfriends. That’s because you have something really special to look forward to every time you plan to see your boyfriend. That anticipatory thrill is something only those in LDRs can experience.

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