How To Survive Spring Break

Ariel Bedford writes for Admitopia. A freelancer from Florida, he also is a contributor with Scouts Alley and Bleacher Report. Check out his personal media profile page and follow him on Twitter @mpcmi.

You’ve gotten through mid-terms (and for many in the northern part of the country, depressing winter weather) with some sense of sanity. Now it’s early March-and you’ve just let it all hang out with your friends for a week of sun and fun! We all know what goes on during this time of year. Tons of sandy beaches in Florida and other destinations get flooded with young college students looking for zany escapades, lively music and casual hookups. Oh, and let’s not forget about the booze adding spice to the equation.

Spring Break is designed to be a release-a way to hit the refresh button from a monotonous academic schedule at the beginning of the year. But what happens when you have to go back to campus? It’s understandable to dread a 15-hour long drive from Miami after embarking on the time of your life; realizing a pop quiz from your history professor more than likely awaits you doesn’t help matters, either. Before you decide to give up on that degree the mother and father units shelled so much coin out for and become a lifeguard-for-hire, here are some things to ponder on which will hopefully help you get through the rest of the semester:

College really isn’t all that bad

Trust in the fact that of all the endeavors you can embark on in your life, going to school in the pursuit of a degree is one of the least degrading and most fulfilling ones. Just think about this for a second-you essentially have a “job” that gives you a week-long vacation where they know you’re going to go absolutely nuts. The best part is, you still get to return! Remind yourself of all the occupations out there where you couldn’t afford to be so lackadaisical about waking up on time, or wearing a clean shirt, or leaving early to grab a bite to eat with a chum. You’ve got it made, kid. Keep your chin up and get back to the books.

The person you hooked up with on SB would ruin your current relationship

It’s no secret that many college coeds use the first or second week in March as their “get-out-of-jail free” card when it comes to cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend. Unfortunately, some spring breakers aren’t as adept in playing hookey on their sweetheart (ask the girl whose engagement was recently broken off after she posted on social media that she was down to “hook up” while on SB) and will surely have a change in Facebook status sometime within a month’s span. If you’re one of the lucky few that parties in a different locale on Spring Break than your significant other, meet that hot person in the club for a one-night stand out of your wildest trash novel fantasy, and leave town without anyone the wiser, relish in your good fortune. The last thing you’d want is to have to see some chic you locked lips with at a bar walking on campus at the same time you’re convincing a girlfriend all you thought about was her while playing beer pong with buddies for the whole week.

The semester is actually not far from being done

A large amount of colleges and universities end the spring semester on the third of fourth week in April. Therefore, in most cases you’re returning to school with just a little over a month’s worth of work to go. If you’re not taking summer classes, that means you’re just a little ways away from doing exactly what you did on Spring Break for a few months instead of a few days. So as you’re returning from a well deserved sabbatical filled with debauchery, relax. Take a deep breath. Then plan your next trip to the office of the teacher’s assistant in that class you’re working hard to get a passing grade in.

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