How to survive valentine’s day alone

Alexa Johnson
Word Count: 422

It happens to all of us at one point or another: experiencing Valentine’s Day… single. Don’t rev up the pity-party engines just because the sight of red roses or heart-shaped candy boxes makes you think of an ex. Trust me, there will be plenty of new flames in your future! As for now, learn to peacefully enjoy the holiday that was created to celebrate love – any and all kinds of it.

To start, spread some of that beautiful love to your friends and family, the people that have been there for you through all your past heartthrobs and heartbreaks. You don’t have to buy your Pops a giant Teddy, but you can send him and a nice card, maybe some candy too.

Remember when you were in elementary school and had to write out all those tiny, cartoon-themed Valentines for the rest of your class? Who says you can’t do it again in college? Get your hall together and have a program making paper-bag mailboxes to hang outside your doors. Then, spend the evening writing out sweet notes to your friends that will make the whole dorm’s hearts flutter in the morning!

Chances are, you’re not the only singleton living in your dorm. Not everyone graduates with an engagement ring (that’d be crazy!). Treat V-Day just like any other Friday night. Grab your friends and make it a girls or guys night out. Sing karaoke, see a scary movie, watch the big game, do whatever you want to distract yourselves from all the schmoopy couples around.

If you really want to get sentimental, focus on giving love… to charity! There’s got to be a local homeless shelter, food bank or children or animal shelter that needs help that night. Donate your time and send free love their way.

Another thing you can do to celebrate your single status is buy yourself something special! Singleness is a state of mind. Who says you need someone else to complete you? Look at ya, you’re already fabulous! Splurge a little and buy yourself that gift you’ve been eyeing up all year. A new watch? A designer purse? Tickets to the big game or concert? Go for it – you deserve it!

The most important thing to remember about Valentine’s Day as a single is that it’s just another day. That’s it. Tomorrow you will wake up and it will be boring old February 15. When there’s no one “special” to give your love to, give it to the most amazing person you know: yourself.

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