High school to college transition

My name is Acacia Cadogan and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I am a sophomore studying Mass Communications at Shaw University. I love to write simply because it is something I’m good at. I’m even a tutor at my schools Writing Center. I never really cared for writing until I realized it was a skill of mine and I got more and more into it. I look at writing as a way for people to share their thoughts, and ideas. I believe this to be very important because everything in this world started as a thought first and foremost. My ultimate career goal is to have a successful career in Public Relations.

Before coming to college, everyone tells you how hard it’s going to be, and how different it is from high school. No matter how much research you do, and how many college experienced people you talk to, coming in, you have no idea what to expect. By the time you actually get to college, you’re still trying to figure out if you’re doing things the right way and if things are going the way they’re supposed to.
Well I’m here to tell you that these feelings are normal, and you aren’t the only one.
The most vital part of transitioning from high school to college is realizing that it’s a clean slate. There is no right or wrong way. College is an experience, it consists of way more than that but first and foremost it is an experience. Don’t approach this experience with fear, but with confidence. I know everybody talks about how it’s going to be hard, but don’t worry about that until it’s officially apart of YOUR experience. When I say to be confident, I don’t mean to come into college thinking that you know it all. But instead, come into college knowing that no matter what, you got this. In fact, your motto throughout this experience should be “I got this”.
This confidence will be your key to succeeding in college.
One major difference between high school and college is the fact that you’re on your own. You automatically develop a brand new sense of independence and how you use this independence is solely up to you.
Personally, when I first came into college, I loved being able to do things for myself. Mom and dad were only a phone call away, but I tried to use them less and less so that I could get the most out of my experience. In the beginning it all seemed great, until time caught up with me and I realized I was just doing things without any organization or plan. It got to the point where the whole day would pass, and I’d say to myself “What did I do today?”. That was when I realized the importance of time management.
In high school, managing your time never even crosses your mind. Generally you’re in one building all day, going from class to class, until it’s time to go. College is a whole different story; especially if you’re like me and juggling different things like work, extra-curricular activities, a social life, and organizations. If you don’t manage your time wisely, it’s very easy to lose track of all the things you need to do. And trust me- in college there’s ALWAYS something you have to get done. But don’t worry, you got this.
Like I said before, there is no right or wrong way to be a college student. Your slate is clean and your experience is unique to you and it will not be the same as someone else’s. Don’t come in with expectations, doubts, or worry. Simple know that you got this, and college is and always will be what you make it!

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