How to Travel in Style

If you want to arrive looking gorgeous while keeping your luggage at a minimum, pack wisely! Follow a few simple tips to stay looking fresh on an afternoon drive or a trip around the world.

Must-Have: Moisturizer
This is especially important if you are going to fly. If you are planning to be on a plane for any amount of time, use a good moisturizer the night before. Stash one in your purse at all times. It’s handy for cold weather and keeping your skin comfortable on top of taming fly-away hair while you are on the go.

If you’re travelling in warm weather, consider leaving your foundation at home. It can be messy and just plain uncomfortable in the heat. To even out your skin tone go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Be sure to look for ones with added SPF!

Must-Have: Refreshing Mist
Pack a mineral water or vitamin mist. Not only does it help set you makeup and make it last for hours in the heat, it will also give you a pick-me-up anytime you need. It’s perfect for long days out walking or overnight flights.

Must-Have: Blotting Paper
If your skin is feeling oily, pull out some blotting paper. It will whisk away excess oil and keep your skin looking great. Again, this is ideal for warm weather or anytime you know that you’ll be getting a bit sweaty.

Must-Have: Highlighter
A brush-on highlighter or shimmer cream will make your skin look dewy and draw attention away from any imperfections. If you want a simple routine while you’re traveling, focus on just making your skin look great. It’s much faster than doing eye makeup or dealing with regular lipstick touch ups.

Must-Have: Tinted Lip Balms
Look for something colored with a moisturizer and SPF. It’s a great way to freshen up your look quickly while keeping you protected from the sun. If you want something for a night out, go for lip stain. It’s easy, lasts for hours, and doesn’t dry out your lips like long-lasting lipsticks do.

Must-Have: Eye Drops
Whether you are at a sandy beach, a polluted city, or a just having a lot of late nights, stock up on eye drops! They can be pricey at the airport or other tourist areas so just stash some in your bag. If you’ll be on a long flight, wrap up some ice in a washcloth when you arrive. It’ll reduce your under eye puffiness while making your instantly feel alive again.

Must-Have: Neutral Nail Polish
It can just be easier to skip the nail polish altogether but if you prefer a polished look, keep it neutral. Chips on bright polish are far more noticeable and carrying around polish can just be a hassle.

Must-Have: Dry Shampoo
A lot of hotels don’t supply conditioner and carrying your own can be a hassle. Let your hair’s natural oils go to work by washing a bit less frequently. Bring along some dry shampoo so that you can keep greasy roots away.

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