How to Use Bronzer without Looking Orange

Ever wonder how celebrities get that perfect bronze glow without traveling to the tropics? Or how some girls happen to be blessed with awesome sculpted cheek bones? Most likely they were be born with wonderful genetics, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t subtlety pull off these looks as well. A great bronzer can be wonderful tool for your beauty arsenal, yet if used excessively or in the wrong areas, bronzer can make you appear orange, fake, and anything but flawless.
The first key to making bronzer appear natural is using the right shade for your skin tone. Even though you may want to jump the ranks from ivory to a beige, don’t think that buying bronzer in the shade you hope to be by the end of summer will get you there in 20 minutes. A shade too dark will make your look appear much too heavy. Summer is the time for less makeup, or at least the appearance of a lightweight more naked look. Stay looking fresh and glowing by purchasing a bronzer in a shade only one or two shades darker than your current skin tone. Even if you do tend to tan throughout the season one or two shades darker can still work for your new slightly darker hue. Remember becoming too dark is major damage to your skin. Another plus of bronzer, looking like you get to see the light of day even if you are stuck in a full time internship, without all those harmful ultraviolent rays.
The second major key to making bronzer work for you is placing it in select places. Never use bronzer all over your face. It may seem like a great idea to apply it everywhere to create an even tan look, but are you applying it to your chin, neck, and chest as well? If not, then your makeup application looks obvious and you can end up with that horrible makeup line around the edge of your face. To get great bone structure start by applying bronzer in a slightly angled line right under your cheekbone. This creates a shadow, making your cheekbones appear lit up and more pronounced. Another key spot is your “T Zone” or the center of your nose and across your forehead, which forms the shape of a “T.” By doing this you bring depth to your face in multiple areas without applying it everywhere.
Just remember to keep it light and subtle and you will be golden!

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