How to Wear Your Denim Shorts

By Amanda Reese

Who doesn’t love denim shorts? This summer they are literally everywhere! You cannot go down the street without seeing a pair denim shorts. They are versatile this season, but you have to wear them right! Here are the dos and don’ts of denim shorts this season.


• Wear your jeans with a belt. If you are going out with a casual tank and short look, a belt will help tie the look together. Wear thinner belts when your tank leans towards the dressier side. You can wear thick belts with plainer tank tops. Brown vintage belts are definitely in.
• Wear a plaid shirt. Nothing says summertime fun like a plaid shirt and denim shorts.
• Pair with peasant tops! These light blouses always seem to go no matter what wash your denim shorts are. The tighter your shorts are the more flowy your peasant top will balance off your look.
• Wear long sleeves if you wish. You can wear a sheer long sleeve shirt will leave all the focus on you killer legs. Strut your stuff!
• Dress them up. With a relax set of jeans you can throw on a blazer, a strappy sandal and party all night long.
• Try them in different colors. Denim shorts come in all sorts of colors. Don’t limit yourself to the tradition blue pair. Try different washes of denim and different hues all together. You can do a lot with black and white pairs.
• Try a pair that is high-waist. These are great because they give you tummy control. Put them on with your crop tops to have just enough flirty skin showing.
• Have a floral pair in you closet. Denim shorts even come in prints now. Floral is a favorite this summer. You put this on with any pain white t-shirt you have and look great for any summer say.


• Wear the pockets showing from under the shorts. This look is strictly for the high school crowd. If you are going to be bold enough to wear your shorts with the showing pockets, make sure you wear a comfortable-fitting t-shirt. Stay away from spaghetti straps and sheer tops with this pair of shorts. Modesty is key.
• Wear them with tweed. While its always good to mix it up in fashion, these two looks will always clash.
• Show your cheeks. Keep it modest ladies. If the shorts are too, too short, it is best to give them away. Believe me, no one wants to look at your butt cheeks.
• Wear winter boots. This contrast won’t work just because it is confusing. If you are wearing winter, fur lined boots you probably should not be wearing shorts at all. Do not mistake this for all boots. Cowboy boots always look fun and flirty giving a rodeo feel.

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