How to write a good resume

There are a few things more daunting to a pending college grad than writing your first resume. Do I include my hospitality positions? How do I format it? What goes at the top and how long should it be?

The best thing you can do to start out, is have a look at someone elses resume. Get a copy of one from your older brother, your aunt, or your favorite teacher. I recommend picking someone you admire who’s career aspirations are in line with your own.

Take some time to really study how they have done things, how they have personified their good qualities and the sort of language they use. Depending on your industry, there are different key terms and ways of representing skills.

Next, go online and find several different “templates”. There are several ways of formatting a resume, but the idea is to use clear, easy to read fonts and formatting that allow readers to absorb a lot of valuable information from a quick skim.

If you can find a template that is specific to your industry such as a “Business resume template” this is the best one to go with. Cross examine the template with your mentor’s resume and you should have a good idea of how it should be laid out.

The most important thing is to stand out. Find professional ways to make yourself appear to be a unique commoditiy. If you use exactly the same tag line phrases as everyone else, employers will not take a second look at you.

Once you feel you have a good first draft, send it to someone in your field you respect and ask them what they think. The only way to pertfect a resume is trial and error, so ask interviewers what they think too-once the interview process is over.

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