Dress for success tips for job interviews


Image is everything.  First impressions cannot be made a second time.  A company’s image is often defined by their employees.  As a Human Resources professional, you want a candidate for employment to be knowledgeable about the company.  It is good they have competence in their chosen field.  A nice personality and demeanor will obviously aid a potential candidate.

But how a candidate looks when they walk into your office for an interview will speak volumes about them before you see their special skills and magical abilities.  Shoddy shoes, stained blouse, unwieldy hair, garish make-up and inappropriate attire will speak so loudly and provide you more real insight than their resume.

In HR you will strive to understand the company’s culture and any dictates in apparel or uniforms needed.  Some companies will quite literally require a uniform for service roles, i.e. plumbers, waitresses, nurses, police officers all demand a uniform for the job.

An HR rep is savvy to a professional office’s environment of an “unspoken” uniform of sorts.  It might be that dress pants are okay where other businesses desire a full suit.  Nonverbally the “uniforms” adapted by an entity help unite the workforce. A smart HR rep knows this and uses it to their advantage when seeking candidates or when sending new hires into the field.

If you are hiring a computer geek, don’t discount them if they show up in running shoes and blue jeans as notable founders of computer companies are comfortable in doing.  It is the uniform of choice.

As an HR rep you can make note of creative accessories worn by candidates to express their creativity. What a candidate chooses to wear and how they wear it communicates at a glance a message to potential customers and clients as well as fellow staff members.

As you interview for jobs in Human Resources use this information to inform your own interview attire and go make a good first impression.

Sources cited: https://www.aarp.org

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