HR Cautions   


If you go into Human Resources be aware of the climate in many companies about this department.  At times HR has been accused of hiring prejudices.   Don’t be the one who only calls in the bold and the beautiful to interview instead of the knowledgeable.

In some companies HR is thought of as an evil requirement, a cumbersome commanding force that blindly legislate antiquarian rules.  They may be blamed for slowing progressive movement and hampering creativity.  With a few insights you can overcome false notions that may predate your assignment.

While laws and rules need to be followed try to put the needs of the company or the individuals first.  Pay attention to the big picture of the company and the bottom line of making a profit.  Watch out that your HR focus does not dwell only on the educational degrees behind a name but instead look at the individual’s fortitude in front of you.  Can you picture this candidate in the role needed?

As a member the HR team, seek to break some of the assumptions made within companies.  Not every employee is interested in working longer or harder for the company.

Since Human Resources aren’t responsible for the making or selling of a product or service they can be perceived to be on the periphery.  Don’t let this happen. Make yourself an integral part of the process.  Study related fields of the industry where you work and learn how your company makes money.  Pick up an accounting or finance class, learn the salespersons’ lingo.

Some businesses may elect to displace HR altogether.  Instead they may outsource for HR necessities dealing with heavily paper laden functions or policy handling.  So your role could become one of independent contractor to a company or firm.

Being aware of these pervasive thought patterns and changes will make your career in HR stronger. It is always better to know the pitfalls and deal with them.

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