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Hiring people is a big investment.  If you become a Human Resources specialist you will help the company make the best investment possible when they hire.  A company invests time, money, and energy into a new hire and they want a good return on this investment.  What are some of the skills you should look for in a candidate?

All jobs vary as to what is needed to be successful.  Different qualities and skills sets are common.  But there are common denominators that nearly all companies want to see in their candidates.  Usually these skills are identified in the interview process.

Most companies want their workers to be on time and this includes the interview process.  If you bring in a candidate make note of the time they arrive. Ideally you will want to ensure through the interview process that arriving early is a constant trait of the candidate.  You want this to continue when hired.  This shows discipline.  In HR this may be a task you will be asked to review with staff.

You will look for candidates who can make decisions.  Today most companies do not have the personnel to micromanage their employees.  If you are seeking a manager or supervisor this trait is necessary.  Ideally you will seek a focused candidate, over one with unclear goals.

You may want to devise a way to register how honest a candidate is at work.  If you are hiring for a bank or financial institution this is usually a pre-requisite.  Honesty can be an overall indicator of a candidate’s behavior.  If your company deals with information that is confidential it is incumbent upon you to be able to decipher this within a candidate.  Employers want to be able to trust a candidate.

You will be checking to ensure a candidate has an interest and even the basics of knowledge about the job and the company.  Have they done their homework?   You want to hire candidates who will make honest attempts to make a difference towards the company’s goals.

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