Human resources harassment

With a career in Human Resources you may be called in to deal with company harassment issues.  Certainly you will have classes addressing this hot topic.  If an unfortunate incident of harassment is reported, Human Resources will get involved. It is a federal law that harassment must be reported to the Human Resources department so they have a chance to rectify the situation.

You will learn to instruct your victim to make notes immediately.  The memory is fickle and critical information can be lost or shuffled around.  Ask them to include what was said by all parties as best remembered.  Dates and names are ideal items to be included.  If dates can no longer be remembered use approximations like mid-March or early December.

In a career in Human Resources you may interact with victims who witness behavior happening to other employees.  Again, your job will be to gather information. Ask them to keep a daily log using dates, names and what happened.  If written documentation of the harassment exits such as pictures, emails, or memos, these should be given to you in the HR department.  You can offer to make copies of all items turned over for their files.

Learning to always make notes when you are in meetings will help document what has happened.  Things to include are what was said and by whom, any conditions presented, or promises made.  If a victim is a member of a union, you or they will notify the union rep. Let the victim know they have the legal right to their attorney being present at all meetings with you or anyone in the Human Resources department.

Even though harassment is unfortunate you can learn to work through it with the victim, as a professional in the HR department.

Sources cited:  LAUSD Workshops, VIC Workshops

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