Human Resources Knows More 

The resume that a job seeker diligently strives to make perfect may get him the interview, but Human Resources no longer relies on just the resume.  As a Human Resources professional, you have elements at your fingertips to take a laser point look at potential employees.  Resources are available for you to use when vetting a candidate.

Social networking is an obvious choice.  Many people feel their personal life is separate from their work life.  Not true anymore.  Many an employee has been fired over what was posted on their Facebook site.  What gets tweeted from the neighborhood bar does land on other desks.  As a HR specialist you will want to take advantage of the internet to find out more about any candidate.  If you are hiring students graduating from college looking at spring break exploits can warn you of potential future problems.

Often Human Resources will run background checks to find any criminal activity.  This can be obvious but running credit checks may seem an invasion of privacy. You can explain this to candidates.  Human Resources departments check out credit because candidates who don’t pay their bills are suspect on moral or integrity issues.  Also if a candidate has a large amount of debt to repay they may not always be ethical in dealing with company issues.  In their new position they could be susceptible to pay backs from vendors or other issues regarding money.

Many Human Resource departments get overwhelmed and will hire other companies to actually do the filtering of candidates.  With unemployment high, any job posting can invite a deluge of applicants.  Sometimes outside companies are hired to fact check a resume.

With a career in HR you could work for one of these types of companies.  Fact checking educational background and other honors received is common.  Learning how to do this will be advantageous no matter where you land in HR.


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