Human Resources Skills


Human Resources personnel are job seekers also.  Those people pouring over a candidate resume were once in the other chair having their resume scrutinized.  What skills does a good Human Resources person need?

Of course one of the first things that come to mind is recruiting. A Human Resources professional should know where to go to find suitable candidates for a position.  One size does not fit all in this category.  If staffing for a scientist the recruitment sources will be different that if searching for a graphic artist.  With a large company diverse roles will be needed. Not only should an HR rep know where to go but also how to find the information if they are not familiar.

Labor relations are an area to be skilled in and this is not just related to labor unions.  Some companies will need HR personnel to understand the intricacies of labor union contracts.  On the “relations” side of this topic is the ability to motivate toward team success and recognize individual performance.  Communicating to large groups of individuals and interacting on a daily basis is integral for an HR person.  This helps them to understand the company and their needs.

Scheduling skills are in demand for many positions but in HR it can require juggling different tasks.  You should be skilled at judging the time available against the needs to be completed. HR needs to be able to schedule, to get certain candidates on board and trained prior to critical dates.  Being aware of other itineraries within the company is also important.  These elements all need to work together.  Prioritizing tasks whether on a team or on the company’s calendar is inevitable.

While Human Resources departments look at candidates’ skills they also maintain and hone their own set of skills.

Sources cited:  Gracie Munoz Workshops

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