Hungover or Just Plain Tired?

We have all been there before: The night before you partied too hard and you woke up with a killer hangover. Maybe you pulled an all-nighter. You could simply just be tired because honestly, do you really need a reason to feel tired as a student? So the problem is you need to look flawless, while hiding the fact that you are not one hundred. How do you do that?

First of all you roll out of bed and wash up. I personally need to start my day with a shower in order to wake up. Follow your normal hygiene routine and gather your makeup collection. It’s time to put on your war paint!

You want to choose a simple makeup, but one that hides the fact that you are exhausted. Three words: Color Correcting Concealers. Color correcting is such an easy addition under your foundation. There are many different types of color concealers including green, purple, yellow, orange, pink/peach, white, and neutral. My personal essentials are Green Concealers and Pink/Peach, primarily because these are my main targets. All you need is a sponge or a brush to apply to the areas of concern.

Green concealers reduce redness and hide acne scars, while pink/peach concealers are perfect for dark circles. My favorite green concealer is Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer, while I recently discovered Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector as my new favorite and cheap pink/peach concealer. They can be found at makeup retail stores such as Ulta or Sephora. Then just add your daily makeup musts (eyeliner, mascara, maybe a little lip color) and your makeup routine is finito!

You need to choose an easy hairstyle. This could be a simple ponytail or bun. I maintain that messy buns are essential. I have unruly curls so my buns are so messy I want to call it Max Mess Bun. But choose something quick and easy.

As for attire, it really depends on your interests. I usually have a nice pair of leggings, my favorite boots, a cute sweater, and my trusty leather to combat the day. Dresses are quick and easy too! Whether you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight or you just haven’t seen the light of day, with these hacks you at least won’t have to look it.

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