I Hate My Roommate, Now What?

As much as colleges try to match you up with someone that is a good fit for you as a roommate, they aren’t magic genies. From time to time a really bad match is made and you have to make a decision to either suffer through it or bail. If you choose to stick it out with your not-so-cool roomie, here are a few tips to making it work.

1) Scheduling – If you really don’t enjoy spending time with your roommate figuring out the best way to see less of them is a good idea. Keep track of their class schedule and general habits in terms of when they are in the room and schedule your time in the room around this. Perhaps when your roommate gets home would be a good time for you to go to the gym for a bit.

2) Make Other Friends In Your Hall – Having another room close by and people that you get along with, will be important. Do your best to make friends will other students in your hall, so that you always have a place to escape to when you need a break from your roomie.

3) Fights – If your roommate is constantly picking fights or agitating you. Try to keep your cool. Don’t stoop to their level or the situation could escalate and you’ll be in an even worse situation. Remember you live with this person.

4) A Treaty – Perhaps you and your roommate can both acknowledge that you’re not going to be friends but since you’re stuck together you can come to an agreement on the best ways to navigate each other. Talking through the situation can sometimes lead to finding common ground.

5) Giving Up – Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it work with your roommate. Some combinations just don’t fit together. If your living situation is affecting your ability to attend college, inducing depression or you even feel afraid in your own room, don’t hesitate to head to the housing authority and see what they can do to rectify the situation.

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