Ladies, if that hot guy you’ve been eyeing at the parties, in your 10:30 class, running shirtless with his abs a ‘glistening calls you at 2 am he’s not looking to take you to dinner or introduce you to his parents. He’s looking for a condom and a hookup. You should not, I repeat, DO NOT answer your phone – LET ALONE put makeup on your clean, bed ready face when that 2am booty call vibrates on your cell if you are looking for a relationship or commitment.
Think about all the boys that really wanted you. I mean wanted you so bad they stapled a paper heart that they cut out themselves to two dozen red roses with a reason on each for why they wanted you so bad. Those boys, although they want to call you at 2am, are concerned about you as human being and don’t want to make you unhappy or feel used by calling you at 2am. Don’t get me wrong, sex is good and good sex is better so if 2am you want it, then I say GO FOR IT.
But, if you want to be taken out on a nice date, from a gentleman, then that 2am-er is not your friend. Not only is he not your friend, he does not want to be your friend so don’t tell yourself different.
Nevertheless, if you succumb to desire because he’s too sexy to deny, then use protection. Bring your own condoms, because he may be way too intoxicated to have any. He also may not be able to do anything other than entertain you for two minutes and pass out, so be prepared to be a tad bit disappointed with your choice.
Either way, know that most people have had at least one, if not many booty calls in their lives, and if you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone.
Be safe and know that you are making decisions based on your happiness, not his.

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