Importance of Nutrition

The importance of eating right starts from the first day you are born and goes on until the day you die. You do it multiple times a day and it can make or break your physical well-being, but so many people are ignorant of how to do it right. Fear not, eating healthy is actually much easier than you think despite what all the diet books want you to believe.

Moving From Junk to Healthy Stuff

First of all, if you are like most human beings, you’ve been indulging in junk food a little bit more than you really should. You need your daily chocolate or salt fix and healthy food just doesn’t taste as good. That’s because you’ve trained your body to accept the fat, sugar, and salt that you are taking in. You can switch that around pretty easily. As you start making healthier choices, your body will crave the sweetness of an apple, and rebel with a hurting stomach when you feed it processed foods, making eating healthier easier in the long run.

Making the Hard Decision Easy
The school cafeteria or restaurants on campus will tempt you with junk food. Being good can be so hard! Here is an easy tip to making the hard decision for salad easy. Your will power has to stay intact for only about three minutes. That is the three minutes you need to consciously make the decision for the salad and to actually open your mouth and physically order it. Once you do that, you’re done. So whenever you are presented with the unhealthy versus the health just chant in your head, three minutes three minutes three minutes.

Buy Food in its Natural Form

You won’t always be at restaurants or the school cafeteria; you’ll be at the grocery store buying things as well. The food industry makes buying healthy food confusing on purpose, so don’t even let them confuse you. Buy food in its most natural form. A bag of apples doesn’t have a long list of ingredients the same way that a supposedly healthy granola bar does.

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